Dear administrators of TF! Please read this!

  • Dear administrators of TotalFreedom,

    It has come to my attention that administrators really like to ruin the joke, by revealing who owns this alternative account. (famalunst, xXWinterBladeXx).
    I request you to stop doing this, as it really ruins the comedic effect I was trying to create. Thanks!

    ~ CoolestGuy94

    • Official Post

    Dear Inquiring Operator,

    Maybe its just not funny, lmfao.

    With love

    - Lyicx


    "I, Lyicx. do swear that i will be faithful and bear true allegience to Ren according to law. So help me god." - 31/5/22 <3

  • Dear Lyicx,

    I do not care if this does not create a comedic effect, in fact, if you have read the post correctly, you would've seen that I attempted to create a comedic effect by joining on this server with those usernames.
    And why would it matter if its funny or not anyway? Is it that hard to just stop revealing my ownership every time I join with a new alternative account?

    ~ CoolestGuy69

  • Dear CoolestGuy

    I personally do not see the issue that has arisen here, everyone partakes in a little bit of trolling at some point in their time here at TotalFreedom. If you really think this is an issue, I would highly suggest you just cope harder.



  • bro just fucking use a vpn and then the administrators can't call you out ???

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