Banned for Using WorldEdit

  • 1. Your Minecraft name


    2. The date and time you were banned.

    1/10/23, ~1AM PT

    3. What type of activity you were doing at the time of the ban (e.g. chatting, building, using world edit, etc.) or state "offline" if banned while offline. For the purpose of the appeal, only use the term banned offline if you haven't been on the server in the past 24 hours AND do not have a ban reason specified. So for example, if you leave the server for 10 minutes and find you're banned when you try to return, that's NOT an offline ban for the purpose of the ban appeal - just state what you were doing just before you left the server and that found yourself banned on return.

    Using WorldEdit

    4. Why do you think you were banned (select the best choice below)? Admins should only ban based on the following policy:

    a. I don't know because I did not violate any rule as noted in the server conduct policy.

    5. Which admin banned you, and what were you told (if anything) before the ban occurred?


    6. Have you reviewed and agree to the community guidelines (yes or no)? Please review the policy at


    I was probably banned because someone thought I was just placing air for no reason with WorldEdit. This is wrong, I was actually placing an invisible block called moving_piston. It wasn't a pointless W/E, there was a point and the point was to prevent people from placing blocks in a certain area. It's not my fault if the server lags an insignificant amount because I was using W/E.

  • You have been unbanned.

    You were banned around the time of these messages:

    around this time whatever you were doing seemed to spam telnet with errors and cause tps to drop significantly

    you weren't banned right away since the only admins on at the time were pharma and i and we were debating whether or not we should take action, thus leading to your apparent confusion about the real ban reason

    you also refused to explain what you were doing when pharma asked, replying only with "you'll see" causing both pharma and i to be suspicious of your actions

    going forward, please cooperate when an admin asks you what you are doing in order to avoid this kind of situation happening again in future

  • I can vouch on this statement. I was in the thought that a WorldEdit glitch was being used to create server lag due to your commands and them causing the TPS to drop from 20 to 16.

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