Mentally Unstable Checks - December 2022

  • Sorry for being late, I think Red and I had some miscommunication.

    Here are this month's top players!

    Name Playtime
    antigamesm12 5d 9h 2m 58s
    Parsa__ 4d 2h 39m 23s
    Justin0526 3d 12h 40m 41s
    riawo 3d 36m 9s
    ItsSnekUwU 2d 22h 45m 5s
    KaddicusAlmighty 2d 17h 26m 20s
    PatoCalzoncillo 2d 14h 51m 16s
    _97_ 2d 4h 45m 1s
    ItzChr1s1 2d 2m 22s
    Alco_Rs11 1d 20h 16m 47s

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  • It is very unfortunate to lose such an importan't rank. I'm really sorry for being inactive, I will improve my playtime once I get free time. Again, I'm sincerely sorry for being inactive.

    Is this the end?
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