Admin rulebreaking -PharmaPhirate and Ashaz

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  • However, OP was right about the firework stuff being a false ban. There's no reason for an admin to sanction an op for literally just placing some fireworks. Coincidentally, any evidence of that was excluded from the provided video from ThePharmaPirate.

    I agree with this, as I came online and saw the fireworks in question. Those were the most puny, non-laggy fireworks I have seen.

    As for the thread and situation as a whole, I personally think there just needs to be a period of time where Pharma is brought up to speed on modern-day practices and commands; Not only is this yet another Pharma incident, but they have multiple times now wiped Item Frames, and even last night wiped players entire Inventories, while trying to get rid of fireworks (something that shouldn't have been attempted in the first place, I think).

    There may have also been other command mishaps that occurred while I was offline, someone else would need to verify though.

    Pharma, I think you're overall a good Admin, but still need to be brought back up to speed in some areas.

    Also, You!, if people really have been banned for stealing items (like you say and reaffirm via Console at the 40:58 and 41:16 marks in Pharmas video), could you share instances of that? Seems like that would make this entire case a lot clearer; If it really has happened before, then Pharma (and you) were 100% right, and sharing those instances would prove it and settle this.

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  • See my earlier reply. I've addressed this already.

    "(Yes, I know "Respect other players" covers this, but still)."

    I understand how the rules you mentioned (1, 3, 4) apply, I'm just nitpicking the Pharmas assertions at the time 🙂

    And that's my point, the assertion was correct and his understanding of what was acceptable was also correct. You're nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking.


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  • And that's my point, the assertion was correct, he asserted it was clear, and it isn't/wasn't. That's why we're all here.

    You're nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking.

    Fair, I'll stop now. I'll delete the pointless nitpick, you delete replies? (So the other more valid points aren't missed).

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  • Disclaimer: I am not writing on behalf of the EAO.

    An investigation was conducted regarding the sanctions named by the other players commenting in this thread. This investigation has concluded and the appropriate action was taken against the admin involved.

    To clarify exactly what I had looked into:

    - The admin's actions over the last 2-3 weeks

    - Punishments issued over the last 2-3 weeks

    - Specific incidents, such as BlackfishOrca being sanctioned for using fireworks that had little to no effect

    I would like to apologise for not responding to a lot of the comments in this thread as the matter did also involve me. I would like to also thank the OPs and admins that contributed to the investigation.

    Finally, I would like to just ask that people go easy on all of our admins - there is a human on the other side of the screen and chances are if the admin's newly reinstated they have not adjusted to the new rules. This is the case here, for both the original reporter and the admin involved. If you have a concern, take it up with either the EAO or a Senior Admin.

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