Admin application by TheMonkeBoss

  • If you wish to be considered for admin status on the Total Freedom Server, please post a separate thread (NOT a reply) in this section with the subject 'Admin Application - your name', and answer all the following questions:

    1. Have you first read the pre-application checklist (Click Here) and do you meet all the requirements and agree to all the standards within that checklist? . If no, your application will be instantly denied. - Yes
    2. What is your Minecraft name and time zone where you normally are online? (e.g. GMT+1:00 or MST). - Your Minecraft name must match your forum name or your Minecraft name must be in your forum profile. - ()
    3. What date did you first join the Total Freedom forum? . - Required 1 month forum registration. - Oct 17 2022
    4. Do you have a discord account? If yes, post your username here. (Not required, but highly suggested). - TheMonkeBoss#9450
    5. What describes you best? Choose student, employed, unemployed, or retired. - student
    6. Do have any skills such as artistic design, coding, computer security, etc? If Yes, provide detail. - No
    7. How often can you be on the server to perform administrative duties? State either daily, several times a week, once or twice a week, or less than once a week. We realize that school or work will prevent constant service. - Several times a week
    8. Names of admins that have recommended you? (Must pm (s) to confirm recommendation.) - none i wanted to be admin myself
    9. Do you have a family member or friend that shares your Minecraft account or a Minecraft playing family member with their own Minecraft account who might use our server or forum? (Yes or No). No. If so, are they presently an admin on Total Freedom? (Yes or No). - ()
    10. What personal qualities do you have that would make you a good admin? (Answer with a short paragraph). - I would punish players that break the rules and other stuff admins do.
    11. What continent do you live on? (e.g. N. America, Europe, Asia, Australia/Oceania). - Europe
    12. Can you handle being an admin without it negatively affecting your school grades, work, family, real life, etc? (Yes or No). Yes. If no, your application will be instantly denied. - ()
    13. Have you read and understood the note(s) below? (Yes or no). - Yes
    14. Are your accounts secure? Meaning are your passwords strong, not easily brute-forced, and not used across multiple websites? - Yes

    Note 1: If an admin asks you a direct question, you should reply. If an admin objects and give reasons that you believe are incorrect, you may reply to state why you believe the reasons are incorrect; do not rage or get dramatic - just state facts and do not reply more than once; no debates.

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    i've taken some liberty into tiding your application. answers that you've failed to fill or that i couldn't make out have a () in place for you to fill in. i do encorage that you take the time to have another look through

    i am neutral despite all this, i have no strong feeling but i am concerned about your general activity over the past month. theres nothing in this that demonstrates to me that you will be around for administrating.

    switching to object, i've not seen even an attempt to even be active in discord


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  • I am also going to object. It seems like you have just come back after a long time of being away from TF and now you want to apply for admin. Your activity makes it seem like you're just applying to get the rank and then immediately go inactive.

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  • I Object. You are not active in-game. I have not seen you much so I get the impression you simply want the rank. I'd strongly (once the server is back online) recommend attempting to increase your activity where possible before considering applying.

  • Normally I wouldn't call these applications early but I think this one demands it.

    You got objections on this application, but none of them were severely concerning. You weren't that active or engaging within the community, which was a fair concern. Still, it wouldn't have taken you much to join the server and start playing with and engaging with the community.

    Instead you joined and angrily dropped slurs.

    With that, I can't exactly trust you to be a staff member on this server for a good while.

    This application is denied, and given your outburst last night, I don't think an application after 30 days is best for anyone so I'm going to say you can reapply on Febuary 5th 2023

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.