Forum Sanction Request - matscalle

  • hi all so the template is gone and i may be blind but i don’t see the board. i’m posting this because this is a problem and has been for a while

    matscalle has routinely been disruptive and as much as i support his return to the server itself i don’t think he’s right to be on the forum as thats where a lot of the issues occur.

    matscalle had to take a break due to uncontrollable anger problems and overall an unhealthy relationship with tf and since returning has shown a trend of powerposting and such and i’m not confident he should be fully reintegrated into the community just yet, and in my opinion should be banned from the forum only until further notice

    in doing this it means he isn’t totally excluded from the community but is limited in what can happen and i believe this will be beneficial for us and him personally


  • vouch. from my understanding, he wasn't even supposed to be posting or interacting with the community at all, but his forum account wasn't banned for whatever reason, so that wasn't fully enforceable.

    regardless, he's made a pattern of getting unbanned, then raging because he doesn't get his way or what not, then getting banned again.


  • I'm approving a ban until 20th December 2022 at which point it will be reviewed. If their behaviour in-game has improved we'll remove the ban, if it hasn't or there are ongoing concerns we'll issue a longer term ban.


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  • wild1145 November 20, 2022 at 11:43 AM

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