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  • As you may or may not have noticed, some of our forum themes have changed, mainly the background is cool looking now. I am the one who took the screenshots, so this is for anyone who is curious about where they come from

    For those who didn't notice, this is now the Nero Night theme's background (which is the default forum theme):


    And this is the new background for the Nero Day (Lightmode) Theme:


    for anyone curious, this is a place known as weedhouse, which is where a group of the craziest wildest people on tf went to chill at one point, and it was an absolute blast. the build can be found at cords X:10617, Y:61, Z:-4080 in the overworld, however the crazy hands and statue and stuff aren't as crazy as they once were, feel free to check it out. For the screenshots I used Slidurs Vibrant Shaders Extreme v1.281

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    Thanks for writing this up, I had meant to write a post to credit you and make people aware of this last night but at 2 AM I chose sleep instead. Thanks for the contribution and the forum looks really nice with relevant content on it now as a background instead of the stock image!


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