Remove PlotSquared and cancel the plans for a plot server

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  • 1. The Community is against the idea of claiming land.

    *Allowing players to claim any unclaimed land they want in flatlands

    I think you have a tendency of twisting what people have said into a more convenient truth for your argument.

    2. It's pointless.

    No, it isn't. It provides much better passive grief protection than CoreProtect. With CoreProtect you have to actually notice the grief occurring which may not be possible if there are no admins online or the admins weren't spectating the griefer at the time of the incident. Whereas with PlotSquared, provided the checks are decent enough, admins won't have to deal with people destroying other's builds.

    Just go to F-01 flatland, then build a 100x100 (or so) primeter of slabs and boom, you now have a plot! No PlotSquared, commands, or any of that bloat stuff! See, you don't need PlotSquared or a dedicated Plot server to make a plot.

    Without the passive grief protection (which is kind of the point of the plotworld in the first place)

    the plan to split plots to its own dedicated server should be cancelled

    Personally, I agree here. I don't see any reason for migrating it to another server except for, I don't know, the fact that the F-01 node is massive.

    • A good reason Ryan wants to split the server's worlds out into separate servers is ultimately because it improves performance. When worlds are all in one server, the performance of the server itself suffers because the majority of the game logic is single-threaded. When worlds are split into their own servers (and thus doing their own individual processing), performance gets a lot better.
    • Players rely on PlotSquared for builds that they want to protect as much as possible. Plugins like WorldGuard are not sufficient enough for protection in many cases, so it's nice for people to have a set of land where they are guaranteed protection. Many use their plots as a form of storage as well.


  • I Object.

    Plots are being moved off F-01 because it enhances server performance. The F-01 node is massive in size so by offloading that to its own server, performance can increase.

    PlotSquared provides an incredible amount of build protection. The only way people can get griefed on their plot is if they actually add someone to their plot and only then could they fuck up the plot. Plots have additional benefits especially for the custom items community since they can provide a protected way to store item kits without them being emptied out or removed while permitting others to safely obtain them.

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