Remove TFM's command blocker and use LuckPerms for blocking commands instead

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  • Using TFM's command blocker to block commands is proven to be way too coarse as it doesn't provide fine control for revoking specific parts of commands. For example, the /near command was blocked because it was used to locate players by typing /near 9999999 and trianglating the player's position based on that. Instead, the permission essentials.near.maxexempt could just be removed from OPs instead and that would limit the radius of the /near command.

    It's also the reason why various other commands are blocked because we cannot block specific features of those commands, which could be done by revoking the specific permission from that command. (More examples: spectator mode can be blocked by revoking essentials.gamemode.spectator from /gamemode instead we just blocked the entire command)

    Removing the TFM command blocker also reduces the reliance of blocking commands to prevent abuse (see: Law of the instrument, where you become so over dependant of a solution that you start using it for all problems even when a better solution exists)

  • IIRC Paldiu's working on making TFM finally compatible with permission nodes.

    Videogamesmash already did this, why are we doing something that someone else has already done before?

    To my knowledge, the current work is to keep TFM as the security plugin during the transition instead of delegating its security features to another one (in Video's concept TFM queries LuckPerms as its groups completely replace TFM's ranks).

    I personally think Video's approach looks cleaner on paper.

    edit: I stand corrected, Paldiu's work is to rely on Bukkit's API, which leads to a similar result.

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  • So this specific suggestion I'm going to deny because it doesn't actually solve the issue.

    We're already putting work in to move away from TFM's command blocker (As Network Manager has a fully functional command blocker) and to better support permission nodes given we're now supporting a lot more plugins on TF than back when TFM was first conceived.


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