Discord Moderator Application Template

  • If you wish to apply for the discord moderator status on the TotalFreedom Server, please make a separate thread on the "Limited Time Applications" Category with the subject name "Discord Mod Application - Your Name"

    1. What is your full discord name (Ex: DiscordUser#1234)
    2. What is your Minecraft IGN? (Ex: Wild1145)
    3. What is your timezone?
    4. Do you have any previous experience in discord moderation or administration?
    5. Why should you be picked over others? (Describe in 50 words or more)
    6. Have you read and understood Discord's Guidelines & TOS? (Yes or No)

    Note 1: All Candidates must have their 2FA enabled and have their phone number connected to their discord account before applying. This is to keep all discord moderation staff accounts safe and secure from any unauthorized access.

    Note 2: All responses must adhere to https://forum.totalfreedom.me/…ion-response-instructions

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