how the fuck do i not get bored on freedom 1

  • I don’t know about you but i spent all my time on TF just messing around with friends, making items, and building some… rather questionable structures

    A: "you need to fix your superiority complex"

    B: "but i am superior"

  • A lack of a larger and consistent player base is probably one of the main reasons why many people get bored on the server. There’s also no real objectives to work towards. Most people just log on to screw around until they’re bored (which doesn’t take very long).

    Maybe try working on an actual project? The server is more of a place with tools that you can use to explore your imagination. Other than maybe participating in events or doing activities with friends, there’s not much else.

  • Sadly we have removed a lot of the things I enjoyed just messing around with, so unless you're a builder there's not much to do, and even if you are a builder we barely have any decent tools on the server. We need to add more fun plugins i don't give a fuck about this "the server already has X amount of plugins, it's so bloated"

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