• 1. Minecraft name:


    2. Discord username and discriminator (username#discriminator) (if any):

    Tesla Tower#1083

    3. Approximate date of indefinite ban:

    August 7th to August 17

    4. Reason for indefinite ban. Please do not lie and try to be sincere and apologize as applicable:

    Furnaces and Laggy Armor Stands

    5. Do you agree to follow our community guidelines ( and all the conditions stated above?


    Hello, I am _txsla aka Tesla Tower#1083 aka Tesla aka Tesla Tower. I manufacture kits and sometimes exploits for Minecraft and I believe there was a mistake or a misunderstanding surrounding my ban. I was banned some time between August 7th to August 17 for placing lag armor stands and using a kick item. I have not placed any lag stands on the server, however I do remember building a small cube and a small house out of nearly-indestructible furnaces. They kick entities that try to break them, so I believe that that is what I was banned for, however, it was not an attack on the server, it was simply an experiment as the items were under development at the time and I thought it would be funny to have an unbreakable rock and an unbreakable house. I also put a sign on the structures saying not to break them. As for the Lag stands, I do not remember ever placing one on the server, but I have manufactured them. I believe that someone else placed those and since they had by signature, I was caught up in the mess.

    If you want to see the items to verify my story, you can find them on my GitHub or on my Website and the lag stand and furnaces are in the griefing kit.

    Also, if the furnaces are any inconvenience, you can remove them easily with FAWE (Fast Async World Edit).

    Thank you for you time, _txsla

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  • You used the wrong format for the appeal.

    The proper Indefinite Ban Release form is located here. Please edit this post with the proper form and make sure all questions are answered.

    I'll also comment on your story. The furnaces you made were rapidly spread and people were giving them out and misleading people into messing with them along with people, including myself, also breaking furnaces you placed accidentally, with no knowledge they were 'exploit' items at the time. Since they were easily traced back to you because you put your name on the kit they originated from and coreprotect indicated you placed them, it was a major factor in why you were banned.

    I've elected to show coreprotect screenshots showing how people including myself broke the furnaces without knowing what they were.




    As for the lag stands, you made them in easily accessible kits, they got obviously abused and spread around quite a bit. That's why you were banned for them.

    And, on a side note and unrelated to the ban, those furnaces you made I discovered were able to be used to crash the server and at the time they were being spread, the furnace exploit was not patched so if someone figured out how to do it, they'd be able to easily crash the server.

    My vote is Neutral a Vouch l and I strongly advise you to take testing such items outside of TotalFreedom because this is not the place to be testing items that could potentially have adverse effects on the server nor is it permitted.


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  • "You used the wrong format for the appeal."

    I am sorry about that. I am new to these forums and was unaware that there was a proper format. If you want, I repost this on the page you provided.

    "As for the lag stands, you made them in easily accessible kits"

    I am sorry for any trouble those have caused. I should be able to write you a plugin that removes them if you want (I am very busy rn so it might take a few weeks).

    "those furnaces you made I discovered were able to be used to crash the server"
    If you could dm me (Tesla Tower#1083) the details of that it would be greatly appreciated, as I have been unable to replicate a crash using the furnaces. (no, I will not make the method public)

    "I strongly advise you to take testing such items outside of TotalFreedom"

    I now run a private server that I test the items on, and I also use minehut's free server hosting to test, so you shouldn't have to worry about that in the future.

  • As for using the format, simply copy the template here and fill it out by editing your original post. No need to re-make the thread.

    As for the furnace exploit, it's patched here so it isn't a big deal in regards to server security if it somehow became public.

  • I've decided to unban you since the exploit that was used was patched and I am quite confident you will not use such things on TotalFreedom again and discussed it with you via DMs. If you do discover something new, I'd of course recommend you tell us.


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