An honest view of mental health & TotalFreedom

  • Now despite recent events this is not in fact in relation to one incident, in fact this is in relation to multiple widespread events that has been occurring on TF since even before I came but has been a problem and that problem is mental health & TF being used as an unhealthy coping mechanism. I am going to sound like a heartless dickbag here but this is something I feel is necessary to be saying.

    I’m going to put this in its own paragraph and bold: I am not saying you should not come on TF if you are mentally ill or have personal issues. I am not saying you shouldn’t talk about said issues.

    Now then that being said, before I even joined there were trends where individuals had mental breakdowns and their coping mechanism was TotalFreedom. I’ll be frank, I’ve been there, where I’ve thrown myself into TF in a time where I didn’t want to be in the real world and I completely understand the need for escapism. However, this does go overboard in some occasions, and there have been examples both recent and historical where users have downright used TF primarily as a coping mechanism in an unhealthy manner; where their actions have caused disruption and distress to others that should not be happening In these cases, mental health problems have become extreme and likely require real life intervention.

    I’d like to put this clearly, individuals on TotalFreedom are not suited for psychiatric help, and as a platform we shouldn’t be giving out mental health advice or support for extreme cases. I appreciate sometimes it may not be clear in the moment but it isn’t healthy for some individuals on the community, namely children, to be coping with such intense situations at a young age that could potentially traumatise or harm them. This may seem too much like “but think of the children” but it is a real danger that may happen on TotalFreedom. At the end of the day this is Minecraft, this is not a place where such intense situations should be occurring and I don’t think it’s fair to be putting such a burden on it’s participants. Additionally, other problems like anger issues should not be our burden to bear. I understand sometimes it is difficult to control, and I don’t personally think we should be sanctioning over one outburst if it is an outlier but if it is something out of control that causes disruption we should be taking action as again this platform is not equipped to be dealing with this, especially when staff and other users get verbally abused for just being there and attempting to defuse certain situations

    This is just something that has been on my mind. I am also saying this from a place from where I personally have seen issues like this crop up and it has given me personally intense stress that is honestly unnecessary.

  • Literally most of the members here have said issues. Nothing wrong with that, I truly believe this server has helped a lot of people.

    I've seen people of the server come together and help eachother.

    But you are right, some people use the server as an unhealthy way to cope with their shit and it can cause a lot of shit.

    I mean the people who do constantly attack the server or have tried to "takeover" shows how fucked up they really are and need help.

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