Mentally Unstable Checks - August 2022

  • We're late... again. I'll make this as quick as possible to let our players enjoy the results of their dedition!

    KaddicusAlmighty3d 23h 33m 47s
    PrimordialEarth3d 15h 36m 36s
    Zarcana3d 12h 31m 16s
    AntigamesmNL20003d 8h 47m 4s
    Unspeakble90642d 23h 39m 10s
    Akeustlom2d 18h 53m 42s
    SuperRyn2d 14h 51m 57s
    Yurni2d 7h 3m 17s
    AspiringSkate112d 5h 27m 57s
    keli52d 5h 26m 30s

    fyyv has been excluded for using a bot on the server with his account (he personally contacted me about that).

    RedEastWood will take care of your in-game awards!

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