Senior Admin Application - ClayCoconut

  • 1. What is your Minecraft name and time zone where you normally are online? (e.g. GMT+1:00 or MST). Your Minecraft name must match your forum name or your Minecraft name must be in your forum profile.

    ClayCoconut GMT+03:00 ( UTC +3 )

    2. Do you have a Discord account? If so, post your username#discriminator here.


    3. What date were you appointed to Admin? At least 12 months of active participation must have passed since your initial promotion date.

    October 16 2016. (Not too sure of the month)

    4. Unlike Admin, Senior Admin is primarily a leadership position and you must be able to lead other admins in a mature manner and be a responsible representative of Total Freedom. Provide a paragraph of your accomplishments and why you think you'd made a good Senior Admin.

    In my time playing and being a part of this community, I've gone through lots of "character development". I believe my first and only suspension should show this. I was immature, too emotional, and too dependant on my friends.

    However from now to today I can safely claim people have seen me change. People ask me

    for things I'm not able to help with, because they forget I'm not a senior. I think I can confidently say even that should be good enough. I believe that I'm now able to look past my friendships and work through things in a more neutral way, no matter how much my emotions waver, and thats a trait that should be seen in a senior. And I would like to be able to actually help people when they ask me for senior related help :P

    I'm not too good at explaining myself out to people so sorry if it was confusing.

    5. How often will you be able to perform administrative duties? (Including the server, forum, and Discord). State either daily, several times a week, once or twice a week, or less than once a week.

    Currently I am not able to join ingame as much due to my hand being injured, however I will be able to join several times a week once it heals a good amount. I am active daily on the discord.

    6. Names of Senior Admins who have recommended you. You are required to have at least 1 recommendation.

    (Note, I am not sure if they count after the purge but the recs were given before it.)

    RedEastWood  Luke, lyicx, erin. There may be more I have forgotten, so please help me out if you remember.

    EDIT AFTER SEPTEMBER 2: Forgot rylie vouched. root

    7. Have you read and understood the note below? (Yes or no).


    Note: If someone asks you a direct question, you should reply. If someone objects and give reasons that you believe are incorrect, you may reply to state why you believe the reasons are incorrect; do not rage or get dramatic - just state facts and do not reply more than once; no debates.

  • erin

    Closed the thread.
  • I've got to vouch, coco is one of the hardest working people I have seen on this server in a while, during my ECD term they took it apon themselves to manage much of the duties I was unable, which is extremely commendable in my eyes and I can name countless other times Coco has done things which have shown their courage, their ability to get stuff done when it needs to get done, and overall helpfulness. I can't think of many other who are as suited and deserving of this role as Coco. Keep being awesome.

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    Vouch and recommendation confirmed. I've seen Coco several times since i've been around demonstrate maturity and levelheadedness in situations and i couldn't think of a more deserving candidate for a role this go

  • Vouch. Coco has shown time and time again that he cares for the server and the players. I've seen the improvement since the mentioned suspension and believe he should be more than capable of being a senior (about time).

    OFT: Hope your hand gets better mate

  • Clay has a long experience as admin, and his development in his last year makes me believe he's ready for a position of responsibility.

    Take my vouch and recommendation.

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