splatoon 3 EVENT

  • do a splatoon 3 event

    what is splatoon 3

    wait are you dum? no? ok tho splatoon 3 is the third version of splatoon which is a game about painting an arena and you can swim in the paint which causes some great tacticts

    its really easy to play online with teams there is an easy way using the server creator build into the game

    splatoon 3 releases on 9 september 2022 <3

  • if you still dont understand the squid research lab or nintendo for short :D :D :D has made a video about it

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    i think if you're looking for a specific event for a certain game, its a good idea to gage how much of the current playerbase has access to the specific game and the hardware if its an exclusive. also taking into account if members are interested and are able or willing to purchase or have the technical ability to setup anything thats needed to partake in such event.

    the majority of TF by guarantee are using some sort of PC that is able to run java minecraft somewhat well as that is what this server is based around. thats a very broad starting point since the game works (a degree on how well is not relevant) on pretty much anything you throw at it.

    point is, its not a huge garuntee that people will be able to participate even if they wanted to because they likely case scenario dont own the hardware or the game. splatoon 3 from the one search i did does seem to be a nintendo switch exclusive and therefore doesn't exactly fit with the large demographic of TF.

    on that grounds i object. it would be a waste of time and you'd be tremendously lucky to get one actual participating attendant.

    on a completely irrelevant note: if events are even still being done, it should focus on more unique experiences in server than shovelware events of spleef or shit for the sake of an event happening because "one hasn't happened in awhile". you shovel that shit and squeeze it out, it gets stale. its why i loved miniSMP and thats like my baby and i would love to try it with a different audience if i ever get the chance to. a bordered SMP with a few quirks added on each time, was truly the peak of my ECM tenure until it went tits up. its simple but it worked pretty well until the last few.

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