The Lightning Rod doesn't work if you join the server with it on hand until you switch to it

    1. Date and Time
      August 21, 2022 at 4:43 AM
    2. Describe the bug or exploit
    3. Plugin(s) impacted
    4. Expected behavior (if known)
      For the Lightning Rod to work
    5. Step to reproduce
      - Acquire a lightning rod and hold it in your hand
      - Rejoin the server
      - Try to use the lightning rod
    6. Server where the bug occurred
    7. Can the bug or exploit be reproduced on another server within the network?
  • Picsart_22-08-21_11-56-33-190.jpg

    I have no idea how this was coded, but I would guess this is a quirk of the weird DRM-like system which stops people just picking up the item from a chest and using it, making the command necessary to activate it.

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