Replace Lift with LiftReloaded

  • As the title says, I suggest replacing the Lift plugin with LiftReloaded:
    Spigot Listing:


    Currently Lift not only is outdated but has a number of issues on TF, including but not limited to (from my testing):

    • Creating Lifts sometimes often just doesn't work at all EDIT: Turns out it's just unintuitive as fuck.
    • Lifts will maybe raise you as far as halfway before leaving you to float in the air in what I'm dubbing a "Limbo state"; This can be kinda-sorta fixed by just flying up/down, but that defeats the point of the Lift. Attempting to leave the Lift while in this limbo state will result in being spammed with "Can't leave elevator in use". Anti-kb bug, ignore my stupidity.
    • If you're in survival while using the lift, then switch to creative when it leaves you floating in the air, you can fly the rest of the way up/down, but when you exit the elevator you will no longer be able to fly at all, despite now being in creative. EDIT: Even with a properly functioning Lift, this still happens. Not a major issue, but yeah.
    • Right clicking the Lift sign does not change the destination floor for multi-level lifts (3+ floors). This could be because Operators don't have the "lift.change" permission, but I can't say for sure. If that's the case, I'm guessing the dumpster fire that's TFs permissions system would prohibit this being fixed easily.

    A fix (or possible cause?) for the "Limbo" issue is using /gravity to enable or disable gravity for yourself, as mentioned by Fleek in

    however, this is just a workaround, and not even a good one at that.

    No idea when/if replacing Lift could happen given what I know about TFM and the updates being planned, but hopefully it can happen :)

    TL;DR To the strikethroughs/edits:
    The limbo bug is an unintended side-affect of some anti-kb stuff. Nevertheless, given how old, and unintuitive it is, my request still stands, just slightly less important I guess.

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    im vouching, quite a few of my iconic builds have had lifts put in by other players but even with some looking up i cant fucking for the life of me figure out how to make one

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  • Why not? Just test it and, if it's an up to date and easier to use alternative, I'm all in.

    Right clicking the Lift sign does not change the destination floor for multi-level lifts (3+ floors)

    You need to hit it with a block in your hand to change the destination. I agree the documentation is scarce and the plugin is very unintuitive. There's a YT video somewhere.

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  • I'll test out the block thing later, seems weird but not surprising.

    Edit: Yep, tapping with a block makes it work. What the hell the person who created this was smoking, idk, but that's just stupid.

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