Lost Media: December 2010 video of the server

  • On December 29, 2010, FrankL (one of the pioneers of TotalFreedom) uploaded a video of the Nether server to YouTube. It could be accessed by going to this link. Mark would embed the video over the years on several occasions until sometime in 2014/2015 when the video was deleted after FrankL closed his YouTube account.

    Forum posts of the video from Mark do give a description of it, albeit with very little details.


    [...] I'm posting the original nether map (circa 2010) with content that was created by the pioneers of Total Freedom (see the below YouTube for a glimpse of it).

    ~ markbyron, March 2013


    [...] here's a clip made by FrankL exactly 3 years ago showing the beta days - not sure there's any clip from alpha days. Notice my old avatar that looks more like my forum avatar.

    ~ markbyron, December 2013

    I remember watching the video at some point when it was still available, but details are muddy or possibly even incorrect as it has been quite some time since I last saw it. The thumbnail was of a person playing a beta version of Minecraft (given the latest version at the time, it must have been Beta 1.1_02). It showed the Nether server map, and you could see a player (I can't remember who). The video itself showed off the server and some of the stuff within, such as WorldEdit. There was an instance of teleportation, but where exactly I do not remember.

    Not one copy of the video has been found and saved since then. As such, it is currently lost. I have been on a hunt for this historical video for years, as the earliest video of the server that is still available was of the Earth server from 2011. If found, it would be considered the holy grail of TotalFreedom historical content. Any information useful for this search is welcome.


  • It has been more than a year since I made this thread. It's time for a bit of an update.

    At the time of the thread's creation, it was known to be the oldest piece of media that showed off the Nether server, having been created merely a month after the server was created. This is no longer the case, as screenshots of the Nether server from December 24, 2010 were uncovered and archived through an old forum post by yours truly after digging deep into the archives of the Minecraft Forum.

    Even though its title of "oldest piece of known TF media" has since been relinquished, its historical importance has remained the same. The video captured the culture of the server through the likes of chat messages and in-game interactions -- something that a mere screenshot cannot accomplish.

    The video continues to be lost, but I want this to change. For months now, I have been considering doing a bounty for it that involves real-life money. Nothing is set in stone yet, but stay tuned.