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The majority of the work to get the forum up and running is now complete. There are a number of snags that we are working through, please see the announcement thread for more information.

Thank you for your understanding as we migrated.
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    As part of the move to Woltlab, we've been able to remove a number of the historic limitations that Flarum had and move to a slightly more "Standard" layout of the forum.

    With this all in mind, and with the much easier ability to figure out how populated each of the boards are I've made some minor changes.

    • Forum Sanction Requests have been merged with player conduct reports. Going forward this will be the single plan to make reports for in-game, forums or Discord.
    • For the most part, all of the applications now have sub-boards for approved & Rejected applications and some also have an on-hold status
    • Ban & Admin Suspension Appeals as well as the player conduct reports also now have sub-boards for approved and denied posts
    • Admin Suspensions board has two sub-boards, one for indefinite bans and one for expired bans. Live temporary removals will simply remain in the existing board.
    • Bug reporting now has a closed board for all reviewed bugs.
    • All suggestion boards have approved/denied sub-boards
    • The boards that were historically hidden and archived on Flarum are now shown at the bottom of the forums.

    I will be making some tweaks to the admin section, but they will align with these existing changes.


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