Dr_Fools - Indefinite ban appeal

  • this was sent to me via discord dm

    1. Minecraft name:


    1. Discord username and discriminator (username#discriminator) (if any):


    1. Approximate date of indefinite ban:

    um when video "temporarily" removed me idk

    1. Reason for indefinite ban. Please do not lie and try to be sincere and apologize as applicable:

    leaking admin chat and i am sorry i wont do it again... you have my word

    1. Do you agree to follow our community guidelines (https://forum.totalfreedom.me/d/2961) and all the conditions stated above?

    ya sure

  • Neutral for the moment.
    Wasn't he one of the admins that leaked admin chat directly to the raiders?

    The points that were addressed by erin and video lead me to object.
    Harassing a member (or more) of this community, deciding to go against the rules, even when you are in a position of power that's supposed to enforce them, and basically everything else that was mentioned are all fatal moves that no one here should have done if they really wanted to remain here. In my opinion all of these truly killed your chance to return.

  • You had quite a lot of involvement in the raids, including giving your account details to Sperience, presumably so that he could leak admin chat more actively and effectively when you weren't around.

    It's worth highlighting that these raids were fully intent on making the server completely unplayable by spamming server chat with obscenities including slurs, pornography and even gore, combined with mass ban bypassing and the general spam of messages.

    These raids also happened on geteso, where accounts impersonating myself, alco_rs11 and video spammed similar obscenities and implied that we were raiding esotalk as some sort of revenge plot. This is textbook framing.

    You were not directly involved in this.. but you certainly had a hand and despite being an admin at the time, you were helping them break the rules rather than keeping the server safe.

    For that, and that alone in my eyes it should be a good year until you're able to appeal. I mean.. you took part in a plot to try and kill the server whilst being a staff member on that server.

    But there's one more thing I'd like to add which you did after you were banned. You privately contacted a senior admin asking why I wasn't banned as a result of the raids. You told them that I was an original member of the group chat due to my brief time in there from August 2021, and when the senior admin didn't believe I was involved in the raids, you said, and I quote, "wow", "erin is playing you like a bitch", and later, "tell erin good job" to imply I'd gotten away with.. something? When this admin later asked for more evidence of my involvement, you smugly went "Oooooo getting erin banned i see". These comments were mainly focused on me, but not unique to me. You also enquired about when several other innocent members of the group chat would get banned.

    This was after you had been removed and banned, in which you had the up most integrity to try and bring myself and others down with you when none of us had done anything wrong. That's just showing your true colours right there. You can claim plausible deniability for some of the things done in the raids.. but considering you personally attempted to frame me as well, I've absolutely no doubt as to your mentality and attitude and can't give you any benefit of the doubt.

    The framing itself is indefinitely bannable, and honestly the type of deception that I wouldn't take kindly to having such a short ban. And then you've got the instrumental involvement in an attempt to kill the server. If it were up to me, you'd be very, very lucky to be able to appeal in May 2023.


    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

  • So essentially what happened was Fools was part of the group referred to occasionally as the "Granite Castle". He leaked more than the admin chat - Sperience essentially had full access to his Discord account due to their close connections, exposing administrator-exclusive information to the group chat as both users would repost information from there to the group.

    A lot of the information leaked was used to taunt the administrators by those attacking the community.

    There was also an instance of one of the two leaking information from indefinite ban requests, as Fools was online on the forum around the same time this lovely remark was made by one attacker, which made fun of something Alco had said in the indefinite ban request.

    -- From the indefinite ban request --

      Alco_Rs11 I’m tired of filling out the previous Akefu IBR since it’s full as hell so I’m starting a new one.

    -- From in-game around the same time period --

    SendItSwan: Alco, are you tired of filling out the previous Akefu IBR? Is it full?

    The group has since tried to devalue this part by questioning why I didn't suspect anyone else, but anybody with 2 good eyes would see that it was obvious these users were in a group chat (always went with eachothers' jokes, highly praised eachother, etc). They have also tried to cover up their involvement during the investigation, but that is where shit gets spicy and becomes arguably my favorite part of the investigation. I won't spoil it, as I want to finish the document (sorry for procrastinating, have been occupied with summer school and shit) but let's just say I had a fucking blast.

    I normally wouldn't be so heavy-handed with how I did things, but for the reasons specified below, I decided to essentially disembowel this group.

    • Working with the likes of Mosley, a player who has been essentially blacklisted from this community, to attack the server and taunt the admins is a big no-no. Enough said.

    • I fucking hate corruption. I've had to deal with the likes of smartn't, so seeing a group try to act as corrupt as that group once did infuriated me.

    • It's personal. Members of the group overstepped their boundaries countless times, from making piss-poor taste jokes about my appearance to literally accusing me of being a rapist. I was tolerant of the thing with my face, but the moment those fuckers started making rape jokes and shit was the very moment I lost any and all sympathy for them.

    I'm going to object, mainly because this group leaked shit with malicious intent to attack it. Unlike like the case of ginlang where TheRedX was dormant and really didn't want to get involved with TF, the people this shit was being leaked to were an active threat to the server and the community.

  • Quote

      Luke leaking admin chat and i am sorry i wont do it again… you have my word

    Forgiveness is a part of growing as a person, but I think it's far too early considering what you've done. And seeing how insincere this reason isn't doing you any favors.

    You've got a lot of skeletons you've gotta clear from your closet before I feel comfortable trusting you even as an operator on this server.



  • Quote

      Luke leaking admin chat and i am sorry i wont do it again… you have my word

    I noticed how you (Dr_Fools) glossed over everything else you did aside from leaking admin chats. I love the downplaying of your actions and given the very low effort of this "appeal" I clearly see a lack of remorse because you obviously had lots of "fun" harassing people and being in this group. I'd expect a MASSIVE apology from someone who was truly sorry and wants to change for the better, especially given the severity of the offences committed. You clearly are not. Just look at the images that I along with everyone else post.

    As for this appeal in general, I guess you forgot you were a major participant in raiding the server by spamming, giving your account to Sperience, harassing server members including myself, and more. You clearly forgot the mention of me being the butt of many of your jokes and even naming your groupchats with jokes about me or making comments.

    You and your idiot friends made jokes about coming to my state and going to hurt me several times.


    In addition to that easily Category 0-able message, I was continuously harassed with obviously not-true messages. Clearly, you all were trying to get a ruse out of me which failed massively.


    I was also framed by your group on Eso and other spin-off forums associated with it, probably to incite more raids. One of these imposter accounts even spammed Eso. Clearly that was an attempt to make me look bad and continue harassment and trolling on TotalFreedom.


    In addition to harassing me and framing me, you did not just "leak admin chat".
    You were also watching my indefinite ban requests and making comments about the content I have included in them.


    And here's the famous message by SendItSwan which confirmed someone (you, Dr_Fools) was leaking indefinite ban requests to the 'Granite Castle' group.


    Here's the quote from my IBR:


      Alco_Rs11 I’m tired of filling out the previous Akefu IBR since it’s full as hell so I’m starting a new one.

    • The only reason why I made that comment on the IBR was because it was so full that adding accounts to it became a chore. I was also hitting the flarum character limit on some of those IBR's so I had to start new ones pretty often. That IBR that you leaked had around 82 raider accounts listed on it.

    Lying does no good for you at all. You also did actions that violated the staff conduct policy in many areas including indefinitely suspendable ones by simply participating in the raids.
    In the event that I would have had to file an IBR for you myself, I decided to compile a comprehensive list of every rule broken during the course of the raids.
    Here are all the rules I've found that you have broken. I've included links to the policies I used for reference so you understand the severity of what you've done.

    Oh, and you had the audacity to try and message me a few times during the raid, likely to play tricks or share the DM's with the other people in your retarded group which most certainly happened with video and generate more fuel for the raid content. But of course, I was smart and declined such interactions.


    You should remain banned for at least a year or more before considering an appeal of the ban to reflect on your actions and truly think and reflect on the fact that was it actually worth it to do what you have done over the past few months.

    Also, get better "friends."

    I Object.

  • Object, your appeal shows no sincerity and it's been far too short of a timeframe since your suspension & ban for anyone to forgive you...

  • I'm not gonna talk about your targetting of me and other individuals here, but rather about how it disgusts me that you get no humiliation from the things you do. The fact that you and your "friends" crave the negative reactions of people on a block game for your own satisfaction is sickening.


  • looks like i was right all along to call you dr ass

    since you love discord leaks so much here are a couple for you:

    anyways yea object, wait a year or more at least because mental retardation doesnt get cured this quickly

  • object for Alco's reasons

    EDIT: You are way too unapologetic. I do not think you will get unbanned soon, taking note of the severity of the actions you have done. And i also want to question you. Was it worth it? What did u win? That's right, nothing. You and your friends keep coming back and raiding the server and also ruining people's lives. And what do you get? Nothing. You are making your own lives worse. Why do you do it then? If you (Dr_Fools) took the right path and didn't involve yourself in the raids, you would have stayed cool. You guys are messed up in the head and need quite a long time off to think of your actions before you come back and appeal again.

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