FSR - glaucus atlanticus

  • @"glaucus atlanticus"#641

    Rules broken - he’s shdwo, a bypasser

    proof - discord mods can attest that he is the same person as he joined a voicechat and sounded exactly the same as shdwo, and caleb in particular has recordings to support this

    he has also been banned from discord for a while now due to this revelation

    and i gotta ask the forum mod who is also a discord mods (@"videogamesm12"#4) why he was allowed for so long when you guys fully knew who he was given you were the ones who actually made the ban..?

  • Vouch. I banned him from discord and requested he be banend from the forum but the convo kinda fizzled out.

      xPkz_ there's nothing in the rules that states ban bypassing is allowed if the persons just going to bypass again. It's best to nip shit like this in the bud.. the dude didn't even try to hide on the forum and it went on for so long and he got so relaxed that he eventually joined the discord and spoke in VC with his own voice.

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

  •   Luke Even if it was not counted, the application did not meet 90% of proper vouches. Proper here refers to vouches that are substantiated with reasoning. Two (of the nine) vouches offered no reasoning. This brings the total number of acceptable vouches down to 7, which is not enough to supersede my objection.

  • @'wxtermelon' yes ashaz got me to ban this blokey a month ago. the account has been indefinitely suspended

    "I, Lyicx. do swear that i will be faithful and bear true allegience to Ren according to law. So help me god." - 31/5/22 <3

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