Banned for griefing when I was deleting stuff outside me and my friends house

  • Username: AydenJabbyYT

    Date: June 7th 2022 at around 3pm

    I was banned when I was at a house me and my friends built and I was deleting some among us stuff outside our house when I was banned for griefing. This ban may also be changing the floor. I changed the floor to infested mossy stone brick yesterday and today I changed it back to grass. I dont believe I was violating any of the rules.

  • if   xPkz_’s statement is true, then im pretty sure you are griefing. sorry, but rules are rules


  • This is a picture of the house in question before you joined the server yesterday.

    And this is a picture of the house after you left.

    Inside the house, you gave yourself a room, changing the furniture as well as a sign outside the door. But the real kicker for me is that the house was fully built and each room fully furnished long before you showed up. It wasn't something you collaborated on save for you claiming one of the rooms and I couldn't find any chat logs of you talking to the builder. This is all less than 1,000 blocks of spawn as well. so it's a build anyone can stumble across.

    And personally, the main issue as highlighted in these screenshots is the among us builds you broke, which had all been placed before the house was constructed. So the builder of the house was clearly fine with them being there. In other words, destroying those among us builds was what got you banned for griefing.

    All that said, I don't feel this is conclusive enough to force you to remain banned any further, so I am going to unban you now. Please, in future be careful when you are dismantling or modifying other people's builds.

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

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