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  • I cannot comprehend the "chat filters are easy to bypass" argument when people are joining and spamming the n word without the need to even try and bypass a filter. With this logic, no one should be banned because bans are easy to bypass.

    I object for this plugin, but vouch for simply putting more restrictions on chat and commands. Banning certain words and increasing the time limit in between messages. I don’t think we need a whole new plugin to prevent the issues we are currently having.

  • The spam attacks are actually two-pronged - chat spam and /msg spam.

    Admins could easily mute/ban the spammer in question, but because we're using NetworkManager's stupid fucking inter-server messaging system which bypasses literally every sanction including command blocking and mutes, the spammer just ends up spamming people's /msg. With how widely disliked this stupid system is by the community, at this point we should just shitcan it. Nobody wanted this shit to begin with.

  •   videogamesm12 A chat filter in general would be helpful for the network, maybe not this plugin due to the criticism I've read here. I never liked networkmanagers messaging system because every message sent turns into a fucking 30 character long message and the chance of you messaging someone cross-servers legitimately on here is just zero.


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      Deauthorized A chat filter in general would be helpful for the network,

    We had one, when it was turned on everyone rioted because it stopped people spamming shit like amongus 200 times in a row on the server which apparently was what the community wanted... It can be turned on with like 2 clicks which would solve this, but would rate limit people properly everywhere.


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  • @'Ryan' Yeah I think I remember that, it should probably be enabled to at least try and mitigate the current stuff.

    And PLEASE disable private messaging from the hub to prevent situations where somebody spams a player on the main server while connected to the hub.


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