lets remake tfgu and tfun

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  • Just crawling out of my hole for a bit to state my mind on this one. Like what Ashaz has said above, has pretty much put into the words of what I think of this. I don't believe this will go anywhere, but I'd like to be proven wrong because I don't wish to crap on anyones enjoyment of doing these types of things. Like Ashaz has said, it seems like he will have final say of the matter in this 'union' (unless I've gotten something wrong).

    If this is true, then I believe it will be doomed to repeat the actions of the late TFGU, now while I wasn't there for it's unfortunate collapse due to some individuals, if this were to work, it would most likely have to repeat what TFGU had done before, but even then, I doubt that will work due to interest into this 'union' would be minimum or second to none if it really is going to play out like how Ashaz or Noah understands it.

    I'm going to strongly advise the Imperium to stay away from this one as well like how our ally, the Enders has done here. If what Ashaz says about possibly reviving the original TFGU, then that is to be considered more on our side.

  • I am all for a Union to maintain Peace and Cooperation between Guilds and Groups but I do not want to see a Council be established by a single individual at its helm, its like what happened with the first attempt to be frank, where it turned into a absolute disaster, as a Member of the Imperium I would love to see a proper Union be re-established, but not something like this.

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      matscalle why the fuck is everyone thinking it will be this it isnt it isnt meant as a monopoly it is meant to help the guilds

    The way you've been speaking about it, I don't see why people wouldn't think this is an attempt at a monopoly of yours.

    From your messages a few days back in chat, you stated what I stated above:


    @'wxtermelon' It appears that although the management is meant to have ‘equal power’ the final control lays with matscalle. As well as this, if he is ousted as the owner of the discord server for the union, he still keeps his power as owner of a guild. His guild cannot be removed either as his guild owns the base.