Regarding Nick

  •   Miwojedk I understand your point, although I am sure Nick was not making that distinction when he commented on women’s rights.

    This thread is mainly about him breaking UK law, which has been so vigorously enforced on this server prior to this.

  • wait wait wait it needs to be made clear that bob wasn’t banned by nick but discord himself. just because reading this i thought nick banned bob when that isn’t the fact at all.

  •   Luke

    I edited my original post yesterday, after Bob clarified it to me.


    @'wxtermelon' Edit: It appears that Sperience/Bob was actually banned by Discord. However, that still does not excuse Nick’s dismissal of this joke and how he feels a lack of guilt for what he has said.

  • To address a few points up front.

    The reason this has taken so long is because it's been Easter, I've had social plans and honestly this has been pretty low on my priorities in the grand scheme of everything else going on in my personal life and even with everything else going on currently on TF, with that said though I am sorry it's taken me as long as it has to actually action this properly. I've had a chance to review everything that Nick has provided me to support his argument, and everything Luke has kindly collated when he did his original independent investigation.

    I'd also like to add that the Discord rules were indeed changed at the end of Jan, I asked Nick not to make an announcement because it came just after the whole 13 year old banning stuff, and I did not need to get crucified again. In hindsight it wasn't a great call on my part, and my apologies that there was not as good a transparency there as I would usually provide the community.

    In terms of the evidence provided, Nick has provided me with his YT Watch history, and it does show him watching a number of clips, and I have no reason to believe he has mislead me, especially as he was asked to prove they were YT clips by some other admins before I asked for his YT Watch history.

    I've also not been provided any physical evidence to support the accusation that Nick was indeed streaming content regardless of where he streamed it from and the other side arguments that have happened on this thread. There are a couple of screenshots which could be anything from any source, and individuals word on both sides.

    With that all in mind, and taking everything into account, and highlighting that I have no reason to believe that anyone here has a good reason to mislead or lie to Luke or myself throughout the course of our investigation, I do agree that action needs to be taken and that this cannot continue.

    My current view is that this was somewhat of a large cock-up on Nick's part even if it was YT Video's and applying my normal rule of "If you're going to do potentially silly / naughty things, make sure I don't find out" (And I have very much found out) I think it's reasonable to say this was a poor judgement to think streaming anything (Via Movie Streaming or YT) is not the best idea and was almost certainly going to cause problems and I think for me that's what this comes down to, because I'm not convinced either way if Nick did or did not violate copyright laws, and as the new Discord rules mean even if he did, that's now Discords problem.

    With all things taken into account, I've made the decision to remove Nick from his position as the Discord Manager and as a member of the Discord Staff team, this is due to the poor judgement that was exhibited on this occasion, and the community consensus on this thread.

    Nick currently doesn't hold any other ranks, and given I'm not personally convinced a law was broken here, I see no reason to issue a further sanction beyond this.

    I'd also like to thank Nick for all the work he has done for the community and the Discord especially, he's as far as I'm concerned ran it well for me, and has absolutely made my life a lot easier since he took over the running on of it, so my thanks again to Nick for all the hard work (Often with very little thanks / appreciation from the community he has been supporting).

    As I don't wish for this thread to continue to progress, and the issue has been dealt with I'm going to lock this here, if people want to discuss it further you can reach out to me directly.


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