Suspension - jwmphall

  • @'wxtermelon' I think the point he was making is that if we aren’t enforcing this rule on every occasion, then we can’t expect a clear consensus on what “too far” actually means. If we make jokes about the Irish famine that go unmoderated, why are Islamophobic jokes moderated? If it is because they actually offended someone (in this case yourself), then are we allowed to make dark humour jokes if they do not offend anyone? What if I am now offended by something that happened a while ago? It’s a murky grey area is the point Rex was making.

  • I think TotalFreedom was never a server for offensive humor and it seems clear that there is not a clear consensus on what's offensive and what's a joke. If you're gonna make offensive jokes do it off-platform or don't make them at all. But note that there's a difference between harassment and jokes (which I should've known).

  •   RedEastWood i do dark humor all the time. i don't do it in public where others can see or hear or do it around people who i'm unsure of if they are okay with the humor. not everyone takes it lightly. again, report it if you have a problem w something. don't be a bitch and not report it then wonder why it wasnt moderated beforehand

  • the issue with initiating a hard list of offensive shit is that it won't cover everything or will cover too much. or, it'll be either too restrictive or too lenient. i prefer just using my own discretion because if we use this thread an example jwmp would be indef suspended if nick was the suspending admin, whereas I only thought 2 weeks was fitting

  •   taah If something is being moderated selectively as you can admit in this post then an admin should not be suspended for something which other admins are excused and even congratulated for joking about so long as the topic does not center around Islam or something that’s not controversial.

  •   Luke Congratulations. You’ve made an argument on why punishing a player because they are “offensive” is a slippery slope.

    Players, messages or builds shouldn’t be moderated because they are “offensive.” This is an ineffectual standard and it will always spark outrage on a vocal community like this one.

  •   resident_user no i disagree, yes its a slippery slope but no that's not a reason why we shouldn't do it

    if you don't like a joke report it. its not that hard. the admin will then take action accordingly, if you don't like the action taken report it to caleb, its as simple as that really. I'm not having people come to me upset because people knowingly made jokes that were targeted to their religion to make them uncomfortable.

  •   Luke “I’m not having people come to me upset because people knowingly made jokes that were targeted to their religion to make them uncomfortable.”

    You are either being disingenuous (intentionally twisting what happened) because of feelings of inferiority or you are lacking the faculties to do your “job” as an admin. If a joke makes someone feel uncomfortable and they are able to perceive it as humor then it is because they feel inadequate. A community should not be beholden to emotionally twisted people.

  • Quote

      resident_user You are either being disingenuous (intentionally twisting what happened)

    i wasn't referring to jwmp. perhaps consider i was being more general before throwing accusations


      resident_user because of feelings of inferiority

    you got me, massive inferiority complex, you could gather that based on one thing i said on an internet forum


      resident_user A community should not be beholden to emotionally twisted people.

    Why are you gatekeeping who gets to play or not..?

  • Better not get the Catholics up in this bitch to buttfuk half the server.

    If you're going to enforce the rules as strictly as you've shown thus far, then by extension you should reprimand me for the above quote. Who is the arbiter of what is offensive or not? Is it the player who got offended, or is it some sort of arbitrary standard each individual Admin follows?
    I don't really give a shit if we don't allow hate speech, religious bigotry etc. but I think there should be a more lenient approach to these issues. I don't believe that religious bigotry is of the same calibre as racism, in that racism is something you're not personally responsible for, whereas you're (partially) responsible for your own religious convictions. So therefore it's surely ridiculous to dish out the same punishment for something that isn't "equally offensive" as we do now. And as mentioned previously- this only leads to selective punishment dependant on the offended player and Admin in question.
    In this instance, I think it would be more appropriate to have warned or given a lesser punishment than above to jwmphall - this is also because no ordinary player would know who made offensive build, and thus "holding Admins to a higher standard" really doesn't matter here.

    idk im a retard protestant.

  • The suspension has now ended, and jwmphall has been reinstated to his role.

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

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