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Please Note: The TotalFreedom Forum has now been put into a read-only mode. Total Freedom has now closed down and will not be returning in any way, shape or form. It has been a pleasure to lead this community and I wish you all the best for your futures.
  • This post is intended to replace all existing rules or guidelines which have historically been published on the TF Network and applies throughout the community on any and all official TF Platforms, Gamemodes or Services.


    Historically TF have applied different / varying rules across the platforms, game modes or services. While there will always be a need for some specific guidelines that will be applicable only in those environments, generally there are standards that we expect from those engaging within the community.

    It's also important to note that these guidelines are just that, guidelines. Staff within the specific platforms will generally be issued with additional guidance and examples around how to enforce these guidelines, however it is down to the most senior individual online at the time of the punishment being issued to generally hold the final say in punishments and the enforcement of these guidelines.

    Note - While we are formally removing the "Categories" of bans, the levels will likely still remain the same in terms of options for punishments. To help keep the actual guidelines as short and sensible as possible, we're no longer breaking punishments down to the same level of detail as we previously have.

    1) Respect & remain mindful of other members of the community.

    TF at it's core is it's community, we want everyone to feel like TF is a welcoming and we expect anyone within our platforms to respect other members of the community and remember that everyone is unique, and everyone will have different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Discrimination, Attacks, Scams, Bullying or any other form of abuse of any kind towards other members of the communities will not be tolerated and will be subject to staff intervention. As an addition, targeted harassment, bullying and causing major drama in the community will lead to further sanctions including a permanent ban from all platforms.

    2) Respect the platforms we run

    Throughout the TF Network we run a range of platforms and it's important to remember that these platforms will be governed by various terms of service, terms and conditions or legal obligations. We require our members to follow all laws local to them, along with the laws governing our servers (Generally UK & France). We also require all of our members to follow the terms of services and terms and conditions on any platforms that we do use.

    3) Join the community to engage and have fun, not to advertise, promote hate or otherwise try to harm the overall community

    Our community is important to us, we're keen for players to actually enjoy and participate in the community. We don't wish for folks to come on to the community to attempt to disrupt the community or ultimately try to disperse our community, examples of this might be intentionally making others uncomfortable through forcing the discussion of topics that are of a sensitive nature or spreading misinformation and hate material.

    4) The senior ranking staff member will hold the final say, always.

    We know that not everyone will agree with the moderation decisions 100% of the time, and we have various routes to appeal incorrectly issued sanctions and the ability to report staff members who are abusive / mis-moderating. At the same time as this, the most senior member of staff online at the time of the moderation action being taken, will hold the final say in all cases. There's a separate thread defining what we mean by "Senior" as there are varying contexts.

    5) Don't pretend you're someone you are not.

    Nobody likes it when they're impersonated or tricked, we ask players not to try to impersonate other players, members of the community or members of staff. This includes misleading nick's, tags, guild names or anything else that might suggest you are somebody that you are not.

    6) Don't make it awkward for staff or other players to interact with you.

    Our community's primary language is English, and we ask that in public threads, channels and messaging you use English as a general rule of thumb. This also extends to nick's, usernames and similar. As a general rule if I can't type your nickname / username on my English Keyboard, you're making life difficult for our staff! As an extension to this things like auto-reconnect is generally not a major drama for us, but if you have it on while you're banned / muted or while we have limited in-game slots, you may be subject to further sanctions.

    7) Be mindful of players younger than yourself.

    The community generally speaking is based around a game that attracts a younger audience. Please be mindful with your content across the platforms that NSFW Content is generally not deemed acceptable throughout our community. In some cases this is a TOS Breach for the platform (Discord for example as we have no 18+ Channels) and in others it's just generally unpleasant. If you do want to talk / use NSFW Content, we would suggest doing so outside of our main community, and if you're making NSFW Builds we would ask you do so away from spawn and ensure it's not something that is included on a warp / similar.

    8) If in doubt, ask.

    If any of these guidelines aren't clear or you aren't 100% sure that you're compliant, have a chat to a member of staff. Generally our staff are understanding that people accidentality break the rules sometimes and it's been known to happen, we ask that if you are in any doubt as to if what you're doing is allowed or not, that you reach out to a member of staff.

    Appealing a Sanction:

    Platform: Ban Duration: Link To Appeal:
    Freedom Gamemode - In-Game Under 24 Hours Click Here
    Freedom Gamemode - In-Game Over 24 Hours Click Here
    Discord Any Click Here


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  • For reference, these new guidelines are now enforced across the network and it's associated platforms. Other threads and rules will be updated accordingly in due course.


    Network Owner at TotalFreedom

    Managing Director at ATLAS Media Group Ltd.

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