Hub Applications - Application Response Instructions

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Thank you for your understanding as we migrated.
  • IMPORTANT: I am asking for a different way of responding when replying to hub moderator applications compared to other things on TF. This is a bit of a trial, please stick with it and respect it.

    Voting on Threads

    While voting on these threads is exceptionally valuable, posting "vouch" "neutral" or "object" is not, and in this category such responses will be classed as power posting and subject to moderation action.

    What I would really value is folks to elaborate their responses, something like "I've seen this applicant in game and they've been helpful and responsive to other players" or "I've never seen this player online, no idea who they are" or "This player is known for being a huge dick bag, I really don't want to see them get added as a mod" is FAR more useful to me than the one word responses.

    Applicants replying to their application

    Applicants are discouraged from replying directly to comments left on their application, and should not look to bump their applications. Applicants may challenge a statement that they believe to be false if they can provide evidence to back their statement up.

    Applicants replying to others applications

    This is fully acceptable, though intentionally objecting / providing false information to discredit another applicant will result in being excluded from future applications for a 6 month window.

    TF Staff Responses to applications

    I would encourage existing staff across the TF network to give their feedback on applicants again following the guidance in the first point here. Your feedback will be invaluable, but please use the guidance posted at the start of this thread.


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