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The majority of the work to get the forum up and running is now complete. There are a number of snags that we are working through, please see the announcement thread for more information.

Thank you for your understanding as we migrated.
  • This thread is intended to have some initial information around the role of a hub moderator for the TF Network.

    Scope Of This Role

    This role is to provide moderation capability within the TF Hubs. This will primarily be to issue warnings, mute players and issue temporary bans when players are breaking rules within the hub, or causing a scene within the TF Network.

    This role should also include helping players that may be "Stuck" in the hub or who are experiencing issues accessing the wider network, even if that ends up being that it's reported to a member of the team here on the forums.

    This role does not include any additional rights / access / privileges in any gamemode other than the hubs.


    There are no formal prerequisites for this role, previous moderation experience is desirable.

    Number of active moderators

    We are looking to gain a broad coverage of moderators across the time zones who will be able to connect to the hub when there are players in need or reports of issues. Reports are likely to come via Freedom gamemode admins in game, or via the forums or Discord.

    Management of this position

    Currently the management of this position sits outside of the scope of the Freedom EAO Team and will be managed by me (TF's owner) Directly. We will look to transition this in due course to a more sensible management structure.


    Network Owner at TotalFreedom

    Managing Director at ATLAS Media Group Ltd.

  • FAQ:

    I currently hold OP / Other access to the hub, will that remain?

    TLDR - No. The current roles and access in the hub were always intended to be temporary. Executives and others who were given OP access will have it revoked when we start to appoint in individuals to this role

    Will there be an activity requirement

    Probably, though initially it's going to be a case of ensuring we have coverage and seeing where things aren't working as well as they should. Unlike the Freedom gamemode it's not like there are "Things to do" while moderating, so we will have to see on this.

    Will there be an "admin" rank?

    Maybe, I don't see it being needed, but there might be in the future

    Why did you name this "moderator" not admin. I WANT THINGS TO BE NAMED THE SAME!!!!!!!

    Because I think moderation is more accurate a description of what folks will be doing here. It's a pretty different role to our Freedom admin team and I wanted to reflect that here.


    Network Owner at TotalFreedom

    Managing Director at ATLAS Media Group Ltd.

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