We need more hub staff.

  • The current way the network works is that there are forum staff, discord staff, then freedom-01 staff and hub staff. At present, the only hub staff are executives (please correct me if I am wrong). However, this system doesn't work anymore. People are beginning to realise the general inactivity in some timezones of the execs (not necessarily saying execs are inactive, just that there aren't enough to cover every timezone) and are abusing it (for example, players are spamming /msg to admins from hub since they cannot be touched there). It's getting a bit ridiculous. It's unfair that the admins have to sit there and wait for ages while their chat gets flooded.

    Therefore I propose we bring in more staff that can moderate the hub. While making the entire staff team staff there may be too much of a ballache, I don't see why applications aren't opened.

  • This is already going increasingly up my priority list. We had hoped by now that it would have been possible to have all the integration work done but it has not happened. I need to figure some bits out first but yes, we will be looking to bring some folks on to help moderate the hub going forward.


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  • at one point it used to be executives + assistants but thats somehow not the case anymore. i know we only got two but i felt the need to put that out there

    yeah ideally i really dont want to run across from the bathroom before having a shower to sort out some dickhead who thinks they're a fuckin comedian again

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