Master Builder Reinstatements

The majority of the work to get the forum up and running is now complete. There are a number of snags that we are working through, please see the announcement thread for more information.

Thank you for your understanding as we migrated.
  • This is not the Master Builder Application, this is for any removed Master Builders who wish to return to the rank

    The following is the format for any Master Builder wishing to return to the rank, the thread made using this format should be posted in the "Server Builds and Maps" category.

    1) What is your current Minecraft name (IGN)?

    2) If you have a discord account, what is your discord username & discriminator (username#discriminator)?

    3) Why were you removed? (If you do not know, reach out to the ECD)

    4) Will you help contribute to building projects when requested by the Executive Creative Designer (ECD)?

    5) How often will you be active as a MB on Total Freedom? (Daily, once a week etc.)

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