[LEGACY] Indefinite Ban Release Form

  • This is the form you must follow if you wish to appeal an Indefinite Ban. If you are not banned from the TotalFreedom Forum, you are required to post your indefinite ban appeal in the ban appeal section of the forum. You can access the Ban Appeals section of the form here. If you are banned from the Total Freedom Forum, send your ban appeal by email to banappeals@totalfreedom.me using the template provided at the bottom of this post.

    When appealing your ban, it is recommended to verify that you have met all conditions of your ban such as a minimum duration of the ban before you are eligible to appeal. In those conditions, if you appeal before your minimum time has elapsed, your appeal will automatically be denied. If you do not have a minimum duration of the ban applied, it is recommended to wait at least 30 to 60 days before submitting an appeal unless you feel you have been banned wrongly and have concrete evidence to support this fact.

    Note: Make sure you are actually indefinitely banned before filing an indefinite ban appeal. If you try to connect to the server and it states you're indefinitely banned, then file an indefinite ban appeal. Otherwise, file a regular ban appeal in the forum or wait up to a day - non-indefinite bans are cleared daily. Also, admins who find themselves indefinitely banned for no cause (and still have admin perms on the forum), please post your appeals in the admin section of the forum.

    Another Note: If you're banned from the Total Freedom Forum and you are bypassing the ban using a VPN or any other means and you appeal on the forums, it will be considered invalid as you bypassed your original ban instead of normally appealing through the email address listed above.

    The template to be used when appealing an Indefinite Ban from the TotalFreedom server is located below. If approved for removal from the indefinite ban list, the following conditions will apply:

    1. Except for those who were improperly placed on the indefinite ban list, those who get released from an indefinite ban are subject to being placed back on the indefinite ban list more easily than those who were never on the indefinite ban list.
    2. If your application is approved and you were banned from the forum, you'll regain access to the forum.
    3. If you were an admin, you can apply for reinstatement 30 days after release from the indefinite ban (or earlier if the Admin Officer approves) and you must note the circumstances of your indefinite ban in the reinstatement request.

    To file an indefinite ban appeal, create a new post in this board with the following information below and title it Your Username - Indefinite Ban Appeal.

  • Initially, I was only going to make a minor change to account for the new community guidelines. However, I think now is as good a time as any to remove this question:


    6. Please provide the one IP that you will be using to login to the server. If you don't know it, visit ip4.me and cut and paste the result. All other IPs that you used to get indefinitely banned will remain indefinitely banned. Don't provide a VPN IP.

    There have been some comments in the past about players being forced to reveal their IP this way, among other issues. IP addresses will still be included in indefinite bans, but all IPs associated with the account will be unbanned if an appeal is approved.


    ! > 5. Do you agree to follow our server rules (see https://forum.totalfreedom.me/d/7) and the rules in place on the forum (https://forum.totalfreedom.me/d/5), and all the conditions stated above?

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