SMP - Factions x SMP Cross

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  • After much personal contemplation and deliberation, myself and fionn have decided to introduce a brand new aspect to the SMP.

    How will the Factions work?

    Factions would go hand in hand with the SMP experience. An individual should start a faction with peers, or ask to join another individual's faction. This faction will then continue to play the vanilla Minecraft survival game, but as a collective rather than as an individual. Factions would create bases, produce ranks within their guild, establish a hierarchy, and finally, conquer other factions. I think this would be a nice addition to some TF Guilds, who currently operate under a role play scenario. For example, The Imperium could now become an official faction; with a set goal to conquer other factions.

    No Kits

    We will not be including any kits in this SMP x Factions cross. This is to ensure a true SMP experience, in which users must genuinely build from the ground up in order to bring their faction to prosperity.


    I plan to have a working demo on this by next Sunday.

    This renders the dissolution of the anarchy idea. Cheating is not allowed and rules will be enforced.

    More details to follow.

  • @Ashaz#12896 I will probably end up writing a new conduct policy to include all the new issues factions would bring about. For the most part though, it is safe to assume that the conduct policy will remain the very similar.

  • Yeah im going to veto this factions servers dont work come up with something new. You cant make a factions server and brand it as SMP CAN WE PLEASE STICK TO THE ANARCHY IDEA thanks. I would also appreciate some form of input in this before an announcement is made again.