Conduct Policy

This new policy replaces the previous "Banning and Conduct Protocols" - all members should read and admins especially must know the policy in order to enforce the rules on the server. Non-admins who observe violations can report them using our griefer reporting system - see

In addition to the server rules listed at the Total Freedom website, this conduct policy identifies conduct that is not allowed and in the spirit of Total Freedom, it also includes conduct that is allowed here which might not ordinarily be allowed on other servers. The policy is divided into 4 sections. Section 1 is a list of offenses that could result in a permanent ban, section 2 is a list of offenses that could result in a day ban, section 3 is a list of offenses that could result in a temporary administrative control action such as a 5-minute temporary ban muting, caging, etc., and section 4 is a list of allowed actions that might not be allowed on other servers but is allowed on Total Freedom. The lists are not all-inclusive; if a potentially unlisted offense is committed, an administrator can take any needed action to protect the safety and security of the server. If such a case occurs, the administrators should suggest a change to this policy to add any new offenses. Admins that violate these conduct rules (on the server or in official / unofficial TF channels) are subject to possible suspension or sanctions.

Section 1 - Offenses that will normally result in a permanent ban. Note that a permanent ban is not a forever ban; it's essentially an indefinite ban and one can file a perm ban release request message if they wish to get off perm ban.

  1. Obvious attempts to crash the server, esp. if the server has crashed, is locked, or unusable. While there could be countless examples, the most common would be a massive world edit that typically has no purpose other than to lag and crash the server.
  2. Spam bot attacks that effectively deny use of the server or prevent proper administration of the server. For example, using a script that repeatedly logs in random names (server or telnet).
  3. Threats to DDOS (distributed denial-of-service attack) the Total Freedom server, forum, TF admins, OPs/members, or actual evidence of DDOS. Threats or evidence of DOX (publishing personal information of others without their permission) an OP, Admin, or Owner of Total Freedom. Attempting to place malware on another user's computer or device (e.g. Remote Access Trojan). Actual cases of DDOS, DOX, or malware placement can also be referred to appropriate law enforcement authorities. 'Joke' threats to another member or the server is still a violation per Section 3h but unless admins are absolutely certain it's a joke, it will be treated as a perm ban offense. Discussion of such activities is allowed only in terms of defending against such activities. Threats to other servers (associated or not, Minecraft or not) or players/persons not connected to TF will be treated as a day ban offense after one warning to stop and perm ban if repeated after day ban.
  4. Serial griefer or troll. Generally somebody who commits repeated offenses under Sections 2 & 3, and fails to heed warnings and day bans (bypassing bans).
  5. Logging in as the owner, admin, or known player (OP) more than once (see exception) or logging in as multiple admins and/or the owner. Exception: Logging in as the owner, admin, or known player (OP) just once is a perm ban offense if the poser asks for admin status, gains admin status via any means, uses or attempts to use any admin command (whether or not they gained admin status), commits any other offense (Section 1, 2, or 3) while posing, the poser has previously been temp/day banned for committing other offenses in the past, or there's evidence that the poser has attempted to pose on associated servers that use the TF plugin.
  6. Using a chat, inventory, or mail spamming script/command more than once however if the server crashes or needs a restart because of the incident, even a one-time offense is perm ban worthy
  7. Using an exploit that crashes individual clients or otherwise prevents somebody from logging into the server or using the server.
  8. Filing a false griefer report on the forum in order to get innocent players banned or intentionally framing another player of a bannable offense.
  9. Repeated serious violations of the forum posting guidelines, threats or attacks made against the forum, or perm ban worthy threats made from the Total Freedom forum. Depending on the circumstances, an offender could be perm banned from the forum, server or both.
  10. Admins that engage in rogue activity, rage quit, and mis-use administrative commands. Also, an ex-admin that repeatedly fails to abide by admin conduct rules.
  11. Using difficult to trace commands or methods to grief (e.g brush sphere, lag machines) (admins must visually verify).
  12. Scammers that request donations for the Total Freedom server. Total Freedom is a non-donation / non-pay server; if somebody ask for money to support the server, it's a scam. Admins who commit this offense will be treated as a rogue.
  13. Posting URLs to websites that contains viruses, malware, phishing or any link that could be used to secretly and purposely collect personal information which could be used to DOX or DDOS (e.g. hidden IP logger).
  14. Other extremely serious offenses not covered above. One example could be somebody threatening real life harm, terrorist threats, bullying, self-harm (also see Section 2), and major criminal acts.
  15. An OP revealing they have actual access to the server logs; revealing could mean anything from pasting logs anywhere or telling people info that's within the logs such as IPs. Normally this applies to admins that are removed but applies to all OPs regardless of how they're getting access. Also, it applies off-server; for example if the OP reveals they have actual access via Discord, Skype, Forum, etc. The perm ban will include both server & forum. Falsely claiming to access access is not a perm ban offense but is a trolling offense below. One exception is if the OP sends a PM or DM to the security officer (_Windows) or the owner for the purpose of being removed from access or to fix exploit; in this case only, there is no sanction.
  16. Family members (inc. admins) are subject to perm ban if they have a banned family member in the same household who evades perm bans and commits any offenses listed in this conduct policy. The rule applies whether or not the family member is assisting the banned family member and it applies even if the family member is using a VPN since the banned family member may have access to the machine. Those affected are still eligible for change of identity policy - see rule 4 of
  17. Forum ban. Forum members that get banned under the forum rules are also subject to IP perm ban on the server and will not be allowed on the server until the forum ban is removed. Those who are perm banned on both the server and forum can file an appeal via email - see
  18. Attempted or actual access of Telnet without being authorized - the IP(s) of the offender will be subject to both server and forum perm ban. An admin that changes IP and gets a failed attempt is not a violation of this policy. Admins that submit perm ban requests under this rule should state both the name (if noted in the logs) and the IP. If the name submitted is that of an of admin (the perm ban requestor believes it's a poser), a PM will be sent to the admin to verify if they had made the attempt or not.

Section 2 - Offenses that will normally result in a 1-day ban. If offenses are committed when there are no admins online, it can result in a perm ban. When admins use a banning command and if time permits, they should state a valid reason (e.g. griefing with invis) - do NOT use invalid reasons such as 'lol' - that will result in an admin sanction.

  1. World edits greater than 100000 blocks without obtaining notice / permission or spamming small world edits that clearly have no building purpose or are purely for trolling. If the server crashes as a result, the offense would normally fall under Section 1 (permanent ban).
  2. Destroying other players builds. Causing accidental minor damage to other players builds and failing to repair. Note: For an accusation alone (admin unable to confirm), using RB with TBAN might be more appropriate but a day ban is still allowed (esp. if a griefer report is filed). Admins should also be on the lookout for false accuser might be false accusing (see para 1h).
  3. Attempting to damage the spawn and failing to repair, prevent other players from spawning, and/or repeated spawn killing.
  4. Attempting to trick other players into committing an offense (e.g. telling other players to //replacenear 9000 air dirt or /stop) or falsely accusing other players of banning offense while on the server (falsely accusing other players of perm ban offense will result in perm ban). Also, encouraging others to grief.
  5. Using invisibility or disguise to commit griefing offenses.
  6. Repeated offenses under Section 3, esp when a player fails to heed admin warnings.
  7. Posting links to scam, porn, or other sites that are designed to troll, solicit money, or obtain income from any TF website. A perm ban can be imposed if the link disrupts use of a computer, threatens personal harm, constitutes a major criminal offense (see 1n above), or is a scam that solicit donations for TF (see 1L above).
  8. Self-harm or suicide threats and suggestions. In most cases, such threats aren't serious (e.g. give me admin or I'll kill myself, KYS) and it should be considered a Section 3 offense (smite, mute, etc.). If you believe the threat is serious, urge them to contact a hotline or go to a hospital, day ban, and report on the forum in the admin section. If the person making the threat has a forum account, please note it when you report the situation. If you know the person IRL and can contact authorities, feel free to do so. When such a situation occurs, the most senior admin on the server should handle it but do handle such incidents as fast as possible and don't engage in any discussion with the person making the threat except to tell them to get urgent assistance in real life. Trolling suicide threats or serious suggesting others commit suicide will not be tolerated; a perm ban sanction can be imposed and admins who do it will be removed from from status as well. If one is seriously depressed and is having self-harm thoughts, the server is the wrong place to be - go to a hospital or urgent care and stay off the server until your health crisis is addressed.

Section 3 - Offenses that will normally result in an administrative control action (e.g verbal warning, temporary 5 minute ban, muting, caging, smiting etc.) but not including a day ban. Repeated violations or failing to heed an admin warning can result in a day ban per 2f above. If offenses are committed when there are no admins online, it can result in a perm ban.

  1. Ethnic, racist, religious, sexual, sexual orientation type slurs, insults, and harassment.
  2. Invading privacy of other players when asked not to. For example, teleporting to other players even though they asked to be left alone however the other players need to well away from the spawn; no privacy should be expected at or near the spawn.
  3. Creating or pasting builds that are designed to troll (e.g. hate symbols, porn, racism, etc.) but could also be an offense under 2a.
  4. Nicks, tags, skins, custom logins, and text chat must be clearly readable and must otherwise comply with all other conduct rules. Using techniques to obscure text or troll is not allowed; this can include use of spinning text, text over text, strikethroughs, and troll names (e.g. adminsucks) among other ways. Not every possible example can be listed or thought of, and admins have different tolerances as to what might be clearly readable or is trolling. In such cases, an admin can make a subjective decision if no other admin is on. If multiple admins are on, just two admins need to agree there’s a problem or the senior ranking admin decides if two can’t agree. For example, if two admins agree that a certain kind of grey text is too hard to read, it’s too hard to read at that time and a temporary restriction can be imposed. As such, admins should avoid applying sanctions and simply change the person’s nick or text type to comply. Sanctions would only apply if the person continues to violate the restriction or if the person is violating other conduct rules in the process. Lastly, keep in mind that the subjective restriction decisions are only for that time and are not permanent. For admin custom login problems, a senior admin or higher can direct a change if they believe the custom login is not in compliance with server conduct rules.
  5. Attempting to interfere with an admin in the performance of their duties.
  6. Teleporting other players without their permission and also includes using /tptoggle on other players.
  7. Player uses a forbidden block (the server will alert it) or failed attempts to use admin commands in a malicious way (e.g. trying to deop and ban other players). If an OP successfully uses an admin command using some form of exploit (or gained unauthorized admin access), they are subject to perm ban per section 1.
  8. Chat spamming (inc. spamming commands or mail spam) or trolling to the point of being a nuisance to other players. Numerous examples (definitely not all-inclusive) including begging for admin (or recommendations for admin), begging for money, sex chat/RP, telling players to do Alt + F4 for free admin or similar buffoonery, repetitiously asking to be staff on another server or repetitiously asking for other server recommendations, players that advertise outside the rule limits per 4h, etc. Players that post short URL links such as without admin permission are subject to temporary ban and maybe be subject to a perm ban or day ban if the URL violates rules 1m or 2h above. To avoid possible security risks, admins should use a link checking site like to check short URL links. Mass mail spam can result in day or perm ban.
  9. Changing the world edit limit without asking permission.
  10. Using entities like potions, snowballs, arrows, eggs, etc to nuisance other players such as spamming them (use of potions could also be a Section 1 or 2 offense depending what's used)
  11. Changing the world edit limit without asking permission.
  12. Asking for donations (scamming for donations to Total Freedom is covered under 1L above). Legit donation requests can be posted in the forum. Admins especially must not request donations on the server or sanctions will result.
  13. Using nicks or tags that imply you have an official position on the server. This includes any nick or tag with the words admin, executive, senior, owner, telnet, master-builder, architect, coder, dev, programmer, creative designer, mod, security, using a crew tag unless authorized by the crew admin, or any other nick or tag that the owner or an admin believes might suggest you have an official position with Total Freedom. Likewise, admins performing any kind of admin duties must use a tag that identifies themselves as admins; it can be personalized such as "cool admin" or "TF staff". Admins that are undercover or using alt accounts (not flagged as admin or impostors) should not use an admin tag or any tag that would identify themselves as a TF staff member.
  14. Using a command when instructed by an admin or owner not to; the admins should only make such an instruction when the command is causing server lag or instability or disrupts other players. An example could be a /speed command that has too high a value. If the player ignores the instruction and the server requires a restart, a day ban will be enforced per 2g.
  15. PvP in spawn or against players not wanting to participate however if a remote area is designated as PvP zone (far away from spawn or creative build areas), than it's allowed and players must not use creative/god mode in such zones. Any other PvP rules (e.g. using invis while PvP) are flexible and can be enforced for that particular event.
  16. Using auto-reconnect features when AFK - a /tban should be used at first (ensure the player is actually AFK) and than day ban if the AFK player auto-returns after the 5 min /tban. While this rule is listed in this section, it's not really a griefing offense unless the auto-reconnect is being used for that purpose or it's causing server instability. Enforcement is optional unless the server is near max player capacity but admins should avoid using the function when they're actually AFK since the only way to way prevent you auto-reconnecting is to temporarily remove your admin status.
  17. WARNING: No matter how small the infraction, you are subject to a perm ban for any offense in section 2 or 3 if you get banned AND it causes any neighbors of yours who use the same ISP to be offline banned. If this occurs, you will have to file a perm ban appeal and agree to follow all conduct rules to avoid getting your neighbors unfairly banned.

Section 4 - Conduct that is allowed provided it doesn’t otherwise cause any offense under the above sections. This list is certainly not all-inclusive and generally only includes conduct that is allowed on Total Freedom but not usually on other public servers. It should be noted that some forms of allowed conduct are really just tolerated; for example, use of salty language is often overlooked but could cross the line into offense or trolling very quickly - it's an owner / admin judgement call as to whether or not potentially borderline conduct is tolerable or crossing the line.

  1. Players can OP other players.
  2. Players can use client mods, hacks, or cheats provide they don't cause an offense listed in Sections 1, 2, or 3 above.
  3. Players can login with a non-premium account provided they’re not posing as other regular players, admins, or owner. The only exception is when the server is temporarily placed into premium mode for security or crowd control purposes.
  4. Players can use any available chat monitoring tools and it will not be considered a violation of privacy. Players who expect chat privacy MUST use off-server chat programs.
  5. Players can use invisibility and disguises although admins may sometimes remove both in mass (inc. /invis smite) for security purposes. Note: You should avoid building (or removing/damaging/editing builds, inc. your own) while invisible as you could be subject to a no-notice roll-back if there's a complaint of invis griefing.
  6. Players can pose as famous players such as Notch provided such famous players don’t actually use the server.
  7. Although English is the most commonly used language of Total Freedom, use of other languages besides English is allowed provided it's not do so just to troll, spam, or insult another player or admin.
  8. Advertising another server (or other legitimate services) or requesting another server to join provided it’s done once in any given 10 minute. Players that use the server purely for advertising are also subject to sanctions or if they use a script to advertise. If one advertises outside these rules, a sanction such as a warning, mute, or temp ban will be issued per rule 3h. Players that repeatedly violate the advertising rule after a sanction or players that repetitiously spam adverts using a script or other means are subject to a day ban or perm ban as necessary.
  9. Use of macros such as keybinds executing basic commands (like having the 'O' key do /op or /opall) are allowed. Complex macros such as using a macro to automate bans or sanctions are not allowed. If there is issue of whether or not a macro is allowed, the security officer will make a determination.