TotalFreedom Rules

No Griefing

Do not grief the server. There are many ways to do that, but the most common are to intentionally crash the server, lag the server, destroy or damage the spawn, destroy or damage other player's builds, erase warp points, PVP without agreement of other players, chat spamming, and so forth.
Use your best judgment, and remember that other people are on here to have fun also.

No Posing

Do not pose as the server owner (markbyron) and do not pose as an admin or one of the other regular players that use Total Freedom. By posing, that means using a program such as MinecraftSP or otherwise changing your nick. Posing to change your title or to pose as somebody "famous" (like Notch) is okay provided you do not use it grief the server. You may not use nicks or tags that imply you have an official position on the server. This includes any nick or tag including the words admin, senior, owner, telnet, builder, architect, coder, dev, programmer, mod, security, or any nick or tag that the owner or a senior admin believes is an attempt to pose. In such cases, the offender will be de-nicked and warned.

Respect Privacy

Respect the "Total Freedom" of other players. Do not be a pest or a nuisance to others, and respect their privacy. Do not "help" with builds if people do not want you to, and do not teleport someone without their permission. It is best to use /tpahere to request for someone to teleport to you, rather than forcefully teleporting them.

Respect others

Do not engage in personal attacks on other players/admins and take all personal disputes off the server. If you don't like a particular player, feel more than free to use the ignore command on them but personal wars on the server won't be tolerated regardless of who started it and temporary bans will result. If you're coming on the server to troll other players, you'll end up getting trolled yourself (we love to play with trolls). Similarly, threats to DOX, threats to commit illegal acts (e.g. DDOS), graphic sexual discussion or RP, linking to porn or scam sites, racist attacks, and other forms of behavior designed to offend, intimidate or harass will not be tolerated.

Adhere to Authority

Do not override the actions of the server owner (markbyron) or other admins. For example, if an admin de-ops or bans a player for griefing, you may not re-op or pardon them without permission. Super admins will follow the directions of senior admins with respect to any admin matter unless it violates server rules. If it violates the rules, the admin will notify the proper authority.

TotalFreedom does not accept donations.

Read the Conduct Policy

TotalFreedom Help

Saving Builds

To save your builds (i.e. create a WorldEdit schematic), first use the //wand tool to select the bounds of your build (i.e. the opposite corners of your build). Then, type //copy to place your build on the clipboard, and type //schem save nameofbuild to save your build (replacing nameofbuild with a unique name of your own).
To load a schematic back into the world, do //schem load nameofbuild, and then //paste..


This server features an additional flat-land building world which is very useful for building intricate creations. You can access this world by typing /flatlands, and you can get back to the main world by typing /flatlands again.


You are free to use creative or survival mode on the server. For creative, type /creative. For survival, type /survival.

TotalFreedom IPs

IPs you may use to connect to TotalFreedom.

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